The Link Between Citizens, Personnel and Institutions

Mobile users report the incidents with Pincident Mobile, institutions handles them with Pincident Operation Panel. Citizens, personnel and institutions collaborate for safer and smarter cities.

Using Pincident Operation Panel, institutions can react very fast to incidents. With real-time and rich information from field, they handle the incident with the right team and right equipment.

  • Display incidents on the map on real-time with the icon related to the incident’s category.
  • Display details of each incident (i.e. with its’ attachments such as video, image, voice recording)
  • Create new incident report on the map.
  • Send messages to specific mobile users or a group of mobile users that are in the area selected by the Supervisor.
  • Send area messages; instant or valid for a specific duration of time, i.e. danger zone, safety zone, etc.
  • Get back to a specific date and time in the history and display incidents on the map with desired speed (2X, 4X, etc.). This way one can see how an incident has propagated over time.
  • Get statistical info over graphs showing how many incidents has been reported under different categories over time.
Pincident Operation Panel
Pincident Operation Panel

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