Smart Car Park Management System for Smart Cities

Parking is a scarce and valuable resource which impacts traffic flow, congestion and economic vitality.
ParkSmart is the smart way of using car parks efficiently.

ParkSmart Mobile App

ParkSmart for drivers

The Need:
  • Find convenient and available car parks easily.
The ParkSmart Solution:
  • Display car parks on the map with real-time available slot info.
  • Get communication and services info of each car park.
  • Make online reservation and get directions to the selected car park.
The Benefit:
  • Save time and fuel.

ParkSmart for car parks

The Need:
  • Monitor the assets on real time.
  • Make future analysis and predictions.
  • Make dynamic pricing according to demand.
The ParkSmart Solution:
  • Monitor car park occupancy on real time.
  • Change the percentage of the capacity that is open to online reservation.
  • Make dynamic pricing.
  • Set thresholds for warnings and notifications.
  • Get detailed reports and analysis.
The Benefit:
  • Increase your visibility and accessibility.
  • Maximise the occupancy and income.
First in the world!  Use Subscribers’ Places When Idle

Open your subscribers’ places to online reservation when they don’t use them.

Use your capacity efficiently, and increase your income.


ParkSmart for municipalities

The Need:
  • Optimisation of car park capacity usage and guidance.
  • Strategic planning.
The ParkSmart Solution:
  • Data integration among car parks.
  • Data integration with electronic city boards.
  • Detailed reporting and analysis tools.
The Benefit:
  • Effective and efficient asset management.
  • Increase reputation.

ParkSmart for smart cities

The Benefit:
  • Helps drivers to find park places fast and easily.
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Saves time
  • Reduces air pollution