Smart Student Transport Management

The Challenge

Children are the most precious to us. School buses are used for their safe transportation to schools. For the faultless operation of this system, there must be a fast and reliable coordination between the parents, school and the school bus company. Do we manage the school bus transport processes effectively and efficiently?

Consider one day a child will not use the school bus after school and will be taken by an adult from the school. In this case, the parent informs the school manager and the school bus company officer. The school manager informs the student and the school security at the gate. And the school bus company officer informs the respective school bus hostess.

This totally human-based system is open to faults, slow and exhausting. At the same time, it is not possible to record, report and analyze.


The Solution: KidsBus


With KidsBus Parent mobile app parents;

  • Can submit change requests and get notifications at each stage of the process. Change request types are;
    • No use of school bus in the morning/afternoon/all day
    • Stop or school bus change at a specific date
    • Receiver adult change
  • Get notifications everytime his/her kid gets on/off the bus and the bus approaches to his/her stop.

Get notifications for every change about the service (bus, driver, hostess, route, etc.).


With KidsBus School Manager mobile app school managers;

  • Can manage change requests of parents easily.
  • Get notifications at each stage of the process.

With KidsBus School Security mobile app school security;

  • Can display the list of students whom will be taken from the school by an adult.
  • Send notification when a kid is taken to his/her parent with a single click.

With KidsBus Hostess mobile app hostesses;

  • Can send get on/off information (when, where, receiver) of kids with just one click.

With KidsBus School Bus Company Officer app officers;

  • Can easily manage all change requests (approve / reject / revise) and track all steps of the process.

With KidsBus School Bus Company app companies can;

  • Manage processes effectively and efficiently.
  • Manage vehicle, driver, hostess, route information.
  • Track your vehicles on the map.
  • Get reports about past actions and analysis for future strategies.
  • Moreover, there is NO,
    • Initial cost of ownership,
    • Installation,
    • Maintenance and repair,
    • Inventory tracking.

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